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Homeowners Insurance

Protection for Your Home

homeYour home is at the heart of your family, it holds your belongings, your personal items and most of all your cherished memories.

Setting up a homeowners insurance plan is as personal as those memories you have of family. Your possessions, activities and type of home all go into the process of developing a homeowners insurance policy to protect your home and financial future. The more you understand about your homeowner’s insurance policy the better equipped you are to deal with the unexpected.

  • Your neighbor slips and falls on your icy driveway
  • Your college student’s lap top is misplaced in the dorm
  • Your bicycles come off the roof of your car while in transit to the trail head
  • Damage to the interior of your house due to the ice dam on the edge of the roof
  • Additional expenses you incurred because you cannot occupy your home due to a house fire
  • The heat exchanger in your furnace or the compressor in your air conditioner fails
  • The most common claim addressed by homeowners insurance is the accidental discharge of water from a broken interior pipe.

housefireAre you covered?

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